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Travel Videos
Jun 02 2010

Travel Videos


Intro 简介




Dialogue 对话

Dale:  So Mason, I’m going on a trip in about four weeks from now.

Mason:  Oh yeah?

Dale:  Yeah. Now I’m thinking since, you know, it’s kind of a family trip, I was gonna video it. But I don’t know if it’s a good thing.

Mason:  You know, it’s whatever your taste is, right? But I think you want to make sure to savor the experience, like don’t forget to experience firsthand while you’re trying to capture it on the film. So…

Dale:  You mean, like focusing on the camera rather than the situation or the environment that we’re actually in.

Mason:  Are you in the moment, or are you watching the moment, you know?

Dale:  Oh, through the camera. Yeah, that’s a tough one, because I also feel like if I don’t record I’m like, shoot, I should have had that on camera!

Mason:  Yeah. You know, I mean what are you going to do, become the next viral hit on YouTube?

Dale:  That’s true, that’s true.

Mason:  I mean, yeah, maybe you will.

Dale:  Is it better to just take pictures?

Mason:  I like the pictures. I think that’s my compromise. So I’m actually going on a trip sometime soon and I might get myself a big fancy camera. And guess what? It takes video too just in case I need to cover my bases.

Dale:  And then you just edit it and make it really nice.

Quiz 测验

  1. When is Dale going on a trip?

  2. Dale is going on a trip with his…

  3. When on vacation, you should try to live…

  4. Dale is __ on a vacation soon.

  5. Dale _ of taking video of his trip.