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Sep 01 2010



Intro 简介




Dialogue 对话

Marni:  So Beren, have you seen the new Angelina Jolie movie, Salt?

Beren:  I have not. It looks awesome, though.

Marni:  I agree. And I’m very intrigued by it, because, I don’t know if you know this, but the title role was actually written for Tom Cruise.

Beren:  I actually heard that, yeah. I read that he opted not to do it because he thought it was too close to Mission Impossible. He thought it was a rip-off of his franchise he already had created.

Marni:  Sure. And so yeah, I think it’s interesting that they kinda recreated the role for a female, and so I’m very curious to see it. I know she did all her own stunts in the movie, which I think is really impressive.

Beren:  That is very impressive.

Marni:  Yeah. And I’m a total sucker for the whole spy, are you a double agent, you know, the sort of intrigue of that. So I think it’ll be an interesting film.

Beren:  It looks a little like the Bourne series, like the Jason Bourne movies, where she’s on the run from her own agency ‘cause they think she’s a traitor. I don’t know, I don’t really know what the plot is, but I’ll watch pretty much any Angelina Jolie movie, I think she’s a great actress.

Marni:  I agree, I think she’s a great actress, so let’s make a date to go see it.

Beren:  Alright.

Quiz 测验

  1. The movie Salt was written for whom?

  2. Which film is Salt somewhat similar to?

  3. Which statement is true?

  4. Tom Cruise _ Mission Impossible already when he heard about Salt.

  5. Beren __ the movie when Marni asked her about it.