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Sep 03 2010



Intro 简介


就建筑施工而言,夏天是最糟糕的季节。尽管夏天里建筑工程不会被糟糕的天气所耽误,但大部分建筑工程到那时都已经完成了。埃拉(Ella)和 杰夫(Jeff)对他们所居住的城市中到处存在的建筑工程感到非常厌烦,让我们来了解一下他们是如何忍受的这一切并乐观面对的吧。

Dialogue 对话

Ella:  So there’s been tons of construction by my house, and it’s causing me to take so many different detours, it’s loud, it’s annoying, I just…I can’t stand it.

Jeff:  I think I’m on the same page with you. Since I’ve lived here, there’s been constant construction. In the winter, in the summer…usually in the summer.

Ella:  It feels like it’s never-ending. Is it even worth it to file a complaint, I mean what do you do?

Jeff:  I think that’s just how cities work. It’s beyond me. But we need to have some upkeep, make improvements. And we have to sacrifice our daily schedules because of it.

Ella:  So, what do you do to just kinda tolerate it and not let it get to you?

Jeff:  It’s frustrating, but I just try to grin and bear it. I try to take detours, but it seems to be everywhere. And everybody else is thinking the same thing, so you take a detour and it ends up becoming the same deal. Although I’ve always wanted to use a jackhammer.

Ella:  What do you want to do with a jackhammer?

Jeff:  You know, construction stuff, like go get a big gut, hang it over the top of the jackhammer…

Ella:  Sounds a little unpleasant.

Jeff:  Be a pro at it.

Quiz 测验

  1. Why does Ella dislike construction?

  2. Ella and Jeff are _ about construction.

  3. Most construction usually happens in what season?

  4. Which is correct?

  5. Noisy construction really gets _ Ella.