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Twilight: Eclipse
Sep 15 2010

Twilight: Eclipse


Intro 简介



Dialogue 对话

Jason:  Twilight: Eclipse, oh my God, it was so good.

Devan:  It was so much better than the second one.

Jason:  I would have to agree.

Devan:  Especially because Edward got way more onscreen time than in the second one.

Jason:  Yeah, and actually a lot of my favorite Edward time was his scenes with Jacob. I thought they had some interesting chemistry going on there.

Devan:  There was a weird vibe going on between them. It seems like they almost have more of a romantic connection than Bella and either of them do.

Jason:  But it’s an interesting development in the love triangle, you know, the relationship between those two, because they both want to protect Bella but they also kind of respect each other by the end of this movie. It’s interesting.

Devan:  So, you must be Team Edward, right? Like who would be on Team Jacob?

Jason:  What? No. Obviously on Team Jacob.

Devan:  What? How could you be on Team Jacob?

Jason:  Uh, ‘cause the werewolves are alive, they’re not dead. They’re all about just like being in shape and running around and being healthy. Seems like a much more reasonable lifestyle than Edward and just being sad and dead all the time.

Devan:  Jacob is whiny. He’s totally a brat. He can’t take a hint. And Edward is way hotter.

Jason:  But I mean, if Edward is so much hotter, then why isn’t he shirtless all the time like Jacob?

Devan:  Touche.

Quiz 测验

  1. Which character does Devan prefer?

  2. Jason thinks that Jacob is _ than Edward.

  3. Devan and Jason think the second Twilight movie was __ than the third one.

  4. Devan thinks Edward is the _ character in the movie.

  5. Devan and Jason argue about which character is _.