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Christina Aguilera
Sep 20 2010

Christina Aguilera


Intro 简介



Dialogue 对话

Ella:  Christina’s back. Are you ready?

Amy:  I’m…I think so, I don’t know. Has she changed her style a lot, or is it kind of like the old stuff?

Ella:  I like the music. I feel like it’s pretty similar to what we’ve heard in the past, but her image…everyone seems to be picking on her, saying she’s copying Lady Gaga and stuff. But if you look at her, she’s always been the odd card in the business. She’s always pushing that already.

Amy:  She really has.

Ella:  But she has just been dormant for four years, so it doesn’t seem like she’s been up to much.

Amy:  Well, she’s been having babies and being…getting married, right? I love how she married that guy who’s kind of unattractive.

Ella:  Yeah, exactly.

Amy:  And they just seem to have a normal, quiet life unlike some of these other pop stars who have a new scandal every minute. She seems like a pretty upstanding citizen.

Ella:  She has a couple new songs, the “Not Myself Tonight” just came out, and that was the one I think she got a lot of negative feedback for, ‘cause it’s very like S & M, copying Lady Gaga. It’s just like…it’s different with Christina Aguilera ‘cause she’s a mom, so you don’t want to see her in those types of situations when it’s like, Lady Gaga, well, yeah, she used to work in a drag bar.

Amy:  Yeah. And maybe it seems like Christina’s faking it a little bit more, ‘cause she has this contrast between her wild musical persona and her private life, which seems so quiet and ordinary.

Ella:  Yeah.

Quiz 测验

  1. What other artist has Christina been accused of copying?

  2. Christina Aguilera’s persona seems more __ than her private life.

  3. Ella says Christina has been dormant for _ years.

  4. Amy thinks Christina’s husband is __.

  5. Which is correct?