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Saving Money
Sep 17 2010

Saving Money


Intro 简介


Dialogue 对话

Jeff:  Hey Beren, are you good at saving…saving money, or do you blow through your paychecks generally.

Beren:  I guess it depends, like if I have to, you know, save money for something special, I’m pretty good at, you know, putting it away, making sure I take a little out of each paycheck. But generally, I’m not a big…I don’t think about the future in terms of money, which is kind of bad. I’m kind of living in the moment. So like, “Ah, I want this new instrument or some records”...I don’t know, I blow through a lot of money.

Jeff:  Yeah I think I’m in the same boat. I try to live pretty conservative. Under $5.00 a day is my goal. But I can’t say I make that all the time.

Beren:  That is super…under $5.00, that’s impressive. I mean do you have a nest egg you’re working on or are you just saving for…

Jeff:  Not really.

Beren:  You just like to save money, or you’re just hoarding?

Jeff:  Trying to pay the bills, and maybe go out to eat every now and again. I think that’s what gets me.

Beren:  Yeah, totally. I mean if I have cash in my pocket, I’ll usually spend it.

Quiz 测验

  1. Jeff tries to live on _ per day.

  2. It is a good idea to put a little money away each month for a _.

  3. Beren blows __ money.

  4. If Beren has cash in her pocket, she _ it.

  5. If I spend too much money, I __ guilty.