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Home Decorating
Oct 01 2010

Home Decorating


Intro 简介




Dialogue 对话

Marni:  So Mason, I know you recently purchased a home.

Mason:  I did. I did indeed.

Marni:  And I’m kinda wondering, how’s the decorating coming?

Mason:  It is slow but steady. We did some painting first off.

Marni:  OK.

Mason:  And that was, you know, a whole debacle trying to pick what colors, what our palette was.

Marni:  That can be tricky.

Mason:  Absolutely. But you know we did it ourselves, we didn’t hire anybody, so we saved a lot of money, which was nice.

Marni:  Yes.

Mason:  But the big thing is like we kinda had a whole thrift store, flea market aesthetic, just we inherited a lot of hand-me-down pieces. And now we’re kinda like, let’s be deliberate, let’s find nice things and pick a style.

Marni:  So you’re kinda doing a makeover, it sounds like.

Mason:  Absolutely. And it’s gonna just take forever, because not only do my wife and I have different tastes, but it’s expensive to buy new things.

Marni:  It is, indeed. But I personally love decorating, and I sort of love the hunt of like finding great deals, and finding pieces that, you know, I just think are really special. And I think, though, there’s small things you can do like just repainting your room or moving things around even, changing things from room to room can just give your house a brand new look. So good luck to you!

Mason:  You want to do it for me?

Marni:  No. I’ve got my own to do.

Quiz 测验

  1. What did Mason recently buy?

  2. What type of decorating has Mason already done?

  3. Mason is giving his new place a _.

  4. Mason __ a new home.

  5. Mason’s old furnture __ a flea market look.