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Eat Pray Love
Oct 06 2010

Eat Pray Love


Intro 简介


Dialogue 对话

Marni:  So Devan, I recently went and saw what you might consider a super chick flick, Eat Pray Love. Have you seen it?

Devan:  I haven’t seen it. Did you read the book before you went and saw it?

Marni:  I did indeed, I read the book, and I really liked the book. It spoke to me in, you know, certain ways. So I had a lot of expectations, and I was a little unclear about the casting of Julia Roberts ‘cause she’s just so different from the woman who wrote the book. But I have to say, it was decent. It wasn’t amazing, but they did a good job.

Devan:  So, the reason I’ve been kind of turned off about wanting to see the film or read the book is because I get the impression it’s about an independently wealthy woman who goes through a divorce and then travels the world, and I feel like I couldn’t really connect to that idea of being rich and traveling, like, how is that supposed to…you know, how am I supposed to connect to that on an emotional level?

Marni:  Yeah, that’s perfectly valid, and I…You know, she was a writer and obviously made her living as a writer. And ironically, the book actually helped her become so wealthy and successful. But it was a quest for her to find herself, find her identity. And she wrote this memoir about her year of travel. And I think, you know, people connect to certain parts and people might be put off by certain parts of the text. And I certainly think your argument is valid. It’s like, so you got to travel for a year, how sorry am I supposed to feel for you?

Quiz 测验

  1. Which is true?

  2. In the movie, what is the woman’s job?

  3. In the movie, what does the woman try to find?

  4. Devan _ relate to the film.

  5. What kind of film is Eat Pray Love?