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Talent Shows
Jan 27 2014

Talent Shows

Intro 简介

Lots of people have a special trick that only they know how to do. Maybe they can touch their noses with their tongues or maybe they can sing the alphabet backwards.

Talent shows are a chance for people to unveil a hidden talent. Usually these shows have a variety of acts because everybody is different and has something different to do. It’s a chance to get up on stage, ham it up, and make people laugh. There’s nothing to lose. It’s all for fun!

Sometimes talent shows are more serious. For example, the singers who won on the TV talent show American Idol became famous. If you have good showmanship, who knows? Maybe you’ll become a star, too!

Learn what talents Lily and Rafael have in this English lesson about entertainment.

Dialogue 对话

Rafael:  Hey, Lily. What are you doing?

Lily:  Oh, I’m practicing my plate spinning skills for the talent show.

Rafael:  Oh, no wonder I heard a loud cracking noise in here the other day.

Lily:  Well, you know, I feel like I should practice. It’s a variety show, so I figure plate spinning is a variety act, right?

Rafael:  I can’t believe you can do that in front of so many people. Don’t you ever get stage fright?

Lily:  No. With plate spinning, it’s pretty basic. You don’t really need to talk or anything like that. It’s all about showmanship. You have nothing to lose!

Rafael:  I guess in that situation there’s no need to ham it up or anything, right?

Lily:  Well, no, because the feat itself is exciting. Why don’t you do the talent show? It would be fun. We could do a duo act.

Rafael:  I thought about doing a talent show before, but my talent is actually kind of a secret.

Lily:  What is it?

Rafael:  Well, don’t tell anyone, OK?

Lily:  Promise.

Rafael:  I’m a contortionist.

Lily:  What? That’s awesome! You totally need to unveil that. You would totally win!

Rafael:  I do some contortion sometimes with an improv troupe.

Lily:  Oh, really?

Rafael:  And that’s fun, but I don’t like to share it too much.

Lily:  OK, then I guess your talent will remain hidden.

Quiz 测验

  1. What is Lily practicing for the talent show?

  2. Why doesn’t Rafael want to perform at the talent show?

  3. If you perform well, you have good __.

  4. Which sentence does not use a modal verb?