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American English 美式英语

English Lesson 英语课程

Jan 29 2014


Intro 简介

Do you ever wonder what it’s like under the ocean? There would be water above, underneath, and all around you, fish swimming by, and maybe you’d even see a shark!

In fact, you can have a deep sea adventure in a submarine. It’s a vessel that’s made to go underwater, so you can check out what’s really in the ocean. And you won’t get wet! Although hanging out in a small space might make some people feel pretty claustrophobic, they can see out through the portholes and the periscope.

Mason wants to take Amanda to see a submarine, but she isn’t interested. Find out why in this English lesson.

Dialogue 对话

Mason:  Have you ever seen that submarine that’s just hanging out by the science museum?

Amanda:  It actually gives me the chills just to think about.

Mason:  Seriously? I think it’s so cool. I mean, we figured out how to do that… make boats that go underwater.

Amanda:  Well I think you forget that I have a phobia of two things: one, water, and two, closed spaces.

Mason:  Oh, a little claustrophobic?

Amanda:  A little bit. You’re underwater. You can’t really breathe if one of the windows busts open. You’re in this vessel. It’s not really comfortable or luxurious at all.

Mason:  Well, if you’re feeling a little claustrophobic you can always see out of the submarine if you look through one of the portholes or maybe use the periscope.

Amanda:  What is a periscope?

Mason:  Periscopes are cool! Come on, you know the big goggles thing that extends up above the water? Seagulls like to perch on them and stuff.

Amanda:  So, is it like a telescope but it is vertical?

Mason:  Yes. Well, listen. How about we go check out the one at the science museum? It doesn’t even go underwater. And we’ll just see how it goes. Right? Maybe you can ease into it.

Amanda:  I actually can’t think of a worse idea for a date.

Quiz 测验

  1. Where is the submarine that Mason wants to show Amanda?

  2. What is Amanda afraid of?

  3. A boat is a kind of __.

  4. Which words are adjectives?