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Parking Tickets
Jul 04 2016

Parking Tickets

Intro 简介

You’re late for an important meeting, but you’re still looking for a place to park your car. There’s an empty parking spot, but it says that parking in that zone is regulated, and you’re not supposed to park there now. What do you do? If you keep driving, you will be even later. But if you park there, you will probably get a parking ticket.

Parking tickets are very common. Almost every US driver has had at least one parking ticket. Parking enforcement can make one feel very frustrated. In fact, some people simply cannot stand it and fight tooth and nail against their parking tickets in court. However, they don’t usually win, and they still must pay because they parked in the wrong place.

Jessica just got her first parking ticket. She and Andy have strong opinions about parking enforcement. Listen to today’s English lesson to learn these opinions.

Dialogue 对话

Jessica:  I just got my very first parking ticket.

Andy_H:  Oh no!

Jessica:  I know! It’s awful! I was so surprised. Apparently, I was parked in a very specific zone that was…

Andy_H:  Of course, you were.

Jessica:  … heavily regulated because of events. And it wasn’t that much money. It was only $30…

Andy_H:  That’s still $30 that you should not have to pay because you put your car somewhere for 20 minutes.

Jessica:  Exactly! I know! I’m a little frustrated.

Andy_H:  I have to tell you… I cannot stand parking enforcement. First of all, I know that a portion of what I’m paying in that parking ticket is going to pay for the salary of the person who is going to give me a parking ticket.

Jessica:  Exactly! And they’re intense. I see them going around, and looking at the clock, and watching for passengers to leave their vehicle, and then they slap a ticket on the dashboard.

Andy_H:  I have gone to court twice now to fight a parking ticket, and I’ve lost both times. But I will not be silenced! I will fight it tooth and nail until parking laws are gone.

Quiz 测验

  1. How many parking tickets has Jessica received?

  2. How does Andy feel about parking enforcement?

  3. Which word means an area for a specific activity?

  4. What is true about the present perfect tense?