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power couple
Feb 16 2017

power couple

Quote 引用

“Just watching [Barack Obama] and his wife interacting with us, they were truly a power couple.”
—Actor Denzel Washington, speaking about meeting President Obama (Buzzfeed.com)

Definition 定义

couple in which both people are very successful and influential on their own

Use 运用

Can you think of a couple that you admire? Maybe, this pair is a celebrity couple, or perhaps, it’s two people closer to home, like your parents or a friend and her husband. This couple really seems to understand each other. They work well together, but they are strong on their own, too. They might both have well-paying jobs, or they might divide the responsibilities of the household. Maybe, they seem like best friends. They might even finish each other’s sentences sometimes!
When two people work well together and are both very successful, we can call them a power couple. A good example of a power couple is Beyonce and Jay-Z. They both create music on their own and are very successful. However, sometimes, they work together, as well.
Actor Denzel Washington was excited to meet Barack and Michelle Obama. He says that they are a real power couple because they are both intelligent and successful.
What other famous power couples can you think of?

Example 举例

“Some people think Bill and Hillary Clinton are the ultimate power couple.”

“She and her husband are both doctors. They’re a real power couple.”

“We met in graduate school while we were working on our degrees. Someday, we hope to be a power couple.”