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Singles Awareness Day
Feb 13 2017

Singles Awareness Day

Intro 简介

Is it February 14th, and you’re still looking for the one? Does Valentine’s Day make you feel pathetic? For singles, this commercialized holiday is often unpleasant, like a Singles Awareness Day. But if you don’t have a significant other, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, celebrate something different.

February 14th now has a new name. It’s called Galentine’s Day. The word Galentine is a combination of gal and valentine. It’s a day to be happy and treat yourself to nice things. On Galentine’s Day, you can do whatever you want, even if that’s only a TV marathon. You should feel single, free, and happy.

Andy’s love life had a rough year. Now he’s sad and single on Valentine’s Day. Can Jessica come up with a plan for her friend?

Dialogue 对话

Andy_H:  Oh, Jessica. I had another year!

Jessica:  A rough year?

Andy_H:  A really rough year. I thought that Amanda was the one. And then, I thought that Michelle was the one, and now I’m all alone, and it’s February 14th.

Jessica:  Oh, please don’t beat yourself up, Andy. Valentine’s Day is such a commercialized holiday.

Andy_H:  I know, but… ugh!

Jessica:  You don’t need a significant other to celebrate and just have a great time with a friend.

Andy_H:  I know, but… ugh!

Jessica:  Don’t be pathetic, Andy. Come on!

Andy_H:  OK, OK. Hey, do you want to celebrate Galentine’s Day with me, then?

Jessica:  Oh, my gosh. Singles Awareness Day? OK, all right. We can treat ourselves to a TV marathon.

Andy_H:  Of Gilmore Girls?

Jessica:  Maybe. I don’t know, yeah.

Andy_H:  We’ll talk. Well, what do you want?

Jessica:  Gossip Girl.

Andy_H:  I’ll settle for it.

Jessica:  OK. You don’t need someone else to be complete. You just need me. We’ll have a great time.

Andy_H:  Galentine’s Day 2017!!!

Jessica:  Wooh!!!

Quiz 测验

  1. Who is Andy’s significant other?

  2. How will Jessica and Andy celebrate Galentine’s Day?

  3. If you settle, it means __.

  4. Which sentence is NOT correct?