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Women’s March
Feb 17 2017

Women’s March

Intro 简介

On January 21, 2017, millions of people all over the world marched in the streets in protest of Donald Trump’s inauguration. This collective gathering was originally supposed to happen only in the USA’s capitol city, Washington, DC. However, many people all over the world heard about it. Women, men, and children came out to march on every continent. Even a small group of scientists in Antarctica had their own march.
Some people criticized the Women’s March. They thought the people marching were being too angry, and that it was disrespectful to protest the new president. Other people also worried that the march would be dangerous and that protestors might get arrested or cause damage to public property. However, the Women’s March was non-violent. In the end, many people agreed that it was an international show of solidarity and goodness.
In Gary’s hometown, more than one hundred thousand people marched. Listen as he tells Andy about his experience.

Dialogue 对话

Gary:  Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Andy_H:  Oh, man. Me and my friends went out fishing a couple miles south… we had perfect weather.

Gary:  That’s awesome.

Andy_H:  What about you?

Gary:  I was at the Women’s March.

Andy_H:  Oh, boy.

Gary:  Really? “Oh boy?”

Andy_H:  Well, what did you accomplish?

Gary:  I think we accomplished some incredible stuff by bringing one hundred-plus thousand people together with shared values and to just celebrate all the things that we have in common.

Andy_H:  OK. Was this like a response to the election or the inauguration, or…

Gary:  It seems like it definitely was, like that was the catalyst to it. But I think what was really great was that everybody had their own approach to why they were there. It wasn’t just, “We’re here for this reason.” It was a group of people all coming together to have shared values and shared ideas, but it didn’t have to be yours or my opinion. It was just a collective/defwill of goodness.

Andy_H:  Hmm. Hmm. I never thought of it that way. I mean, do you think you accomplished anything, or would you do it again?

Gary:  I would! And I guess I would say that there’s a lot of people talking about it, which means that something has happened. There’s a dialogue. And one of the best things was that the police forces that I’ve seen…

Andy_H:  They were beating you guys up, right?

Gary:  Oh, my goodness, they were beating everyone up with great vibes.

Andy_H:  Wait, what?

Gary:  Yeah, they were so happy, they were like, “You guys are great! There’ve been no problems. It’s been a beautiful day. This was just so easy. We were just all here celebrating with you.”

Andy_H:  Well, I’ll be darned.

Gary:  Right?

Andy_H:  All right.

Gary:  Collective good!

Quiz 测验

  1. What did Andy do last weekend?

  2. Gary felt safe at the March because __.

  3. Values are __.

  4. We use the present perfect __.