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Oct 09 2017


Intro 简介

You and your friends are camping. You hear a noise. There is something behind a big tree. Is it an animal? Is it a person? Perhaps, it is a mythical creature! What do you do? Maybe, you talk about capturing it. It could be Bigfoot. If you capture Bigfoot, you will be famous forever. Then again, maybe, it’s just one of your friends playing a hoax on you.

Many people have had similar experiences while camping. This might explain why the idea of Bigfoot is so popular. Bigfoot appears similar to a person, but it is a creature with hair all over. People say that Bigfoot lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. But the truth is that no one knows if Bigfoot could really exist. There isn’t enough evidence to show that Bigfoot is real.

Andy and Marni are talking about Bigfoot in today’s English lesson. Can you guess who believes in Bigfoot?

Dialogue 对话

Andy_H:  Remember how I asked if you wanted to go camping?

Marni:  Yes, and I do.

Andy_H:  Well, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go… hunt for Bigfoot.

Marni:  Wait! Is camping just an ulterior motive so we can actually just go look for Bigfoot?

Andy_H:  Ulterior motive is a really big word for something incredibly cooler, such as capturing a mythical creature or even finding evidence of the missing link.

Marni:  Oh, boy! OK! Yeah, I don’t know that capturing… you know, I think, maybe, looking for evidence is a little more my speed.

Andy_H:  Your right, we probably couldn’t fit the equipment in the car….

Marni:  So, you believe in Bigfoot, clearly then.

Andy_H:  I think that there’s a strong possibility that a creature like that could exist.

Marni:  OK.

Andy_H:  I don’t know if we’ve found the evidence so far but….

Marni:  Yeah.

Andy_H:  If you look into it, there’s some very interesting scientific and DNA evidence that, I mean, you can’t explain.

Marni:  A lot of people think it’s a hoax, though.

Andy_H:  I know. A lot of people thought that the Sun revolved around the Earth a long time ago… just saying.

Quiz 测验

  1. Andy wants to hunt for __.

  2. Does Marni believe in Bigfoot?

  3. An ulterior motive is a __.

  4. Which of these is a comparative adjective?