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Oct 13 2017


Intro 简介

In the 1980s, wrestling was very popular on TV. This was the big time for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Superstars like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant performed in the wrestling ring. Each WWF star had a story. They didn’t just fight, they also acted for the audience. WWF men were so popular that there was also a women’s wrestling show, called GLOW.

The acronym GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Now, there is a Netflix TV show that throws back to this 1980’s trend. The new GLOW shows how hard these women worked to play the roles of beautiful, yet dangerous wrestlers. Not only did they have colorful leotards and lovely feathered hair, but also they worked hard to have strong bodies and good acting skills.

Marni has been watching GLOW and loves it. See if Dominique will join her in today’s English lesson.

Dialogue 对话

Marni:  Dominique, have you been watching GLOW?

Dominique:  No, I haven’t. It looked cute, but it was kind of cheesy… I think.

Marni:  Oh, really? I really like it. It’s… GLOW, do you know what it stands for… the acronym?

Dominique:  No.

Marni:  Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It’s actually a true story. This really happened in the ‘80s.

Dominique:  Really?!

Marni:  Yeah, this group of women got together and did this very produced, very campy wrestling show. Kind of like, you know, Hulk Hogan and the heroes of that day… the men… and so, they thought, “Hey, let’s do this with women.” And so, they did.

Dominique:  Wow!

Marni:  I don’t know… I really like it. It’s kind of fun to throw back to the ‘80s and see the leotards, and the feathered hair, and all that.

Dominique:  Does it pass the Bechdel test?

Marni:  The Bechdel test?!

Dominique:  Yeah.

Marni:  Umm… I would argue that it does. I mean, they certainly talk about men a lot. But, you know, like, the main character really… she’s an actress, and she’s struggling, and she really wants… she really wants to work. She really wants to have interesting roles. And she talks a lot about that.

Dominique:  Do you think I’d like it?

Marni:  Maybe, what we should do, before we watch GLOW, is actually go to a real wrestling match, and then you’ll get really excited to watch it.

Dominique:  Perhaps, we’ll go watch some UFC.

Marni:  Let’s do it!

Dominique:  Let’s do it!

Quiz 测验

  1. What does GLOW stand for?

  2. How does Marni feel about GLOW?

  3. If something is campy, it’s NOT __.

  4. Which sentence is NOT in the imperative form?