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get one’s footing
Oct 12 2017

get one’s footing

Quote 引用

“My first instinct is to have a silly, weird, strange show that you never really get your footing in. It seems honest and then it’s not. It seems silly and weird and then all of the sudden it gets serious.”

—Writer and Performer Bo Burnham, speaking about making his shows (Splitsider)

Definition 定义

get comfortable; become at ease

Use 运用

When we try new things, we can feel clumsy. It may feel like we’re not standing on solid ground. We may feel dizzy with excitement, confusion, anxiety, or all of the above. When this happens, we have to feel things out. We might stumble and fall. But as time goes by and we gain more understanding, we will get our footing. Getting our footing means that we will become more comfortable. Our feet can actually walk instead of tripping and falling.

Writer and Performer Bo Burnham makes really crazy, chaotic, disordered, and funny shows. He really doesn’t want his audience to get their footing when they watch him. He wants to surprise and confuse them constantly with lights, weird acts, and funny songs. The lights will go completely dark and then become very bright. He’ll be talking for a couple seconds and then run to his piano to sing a satirical or ironic song. Even though he does things very differently, he is still very funny. Even if we do feel a little dizzy after watching him.

What is something you need to get your footing in? Do you ever feel confused and excited at the same time?

Example 举例

“It’s hard to get your footing in something very new and difficult. But after some time passes, you’ll feel at ease.”

“I’m trying to get my footing in school.”

“Once I get my footing in French, maybe I’ll visit Paris.”