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Caught in the Crossfire
Oct 10 2017

Caught in the Crossfire

Intro 简介

Did you ever fight with your friends when you were young? When kids fight, it’s usually about something silly. Like, who ate the last cookie, or who popped the float? Maybe, you were the one always looking for ways to end the fights. You just wanted to make sure everyone got along. You didn’t expect your friends to fall in love, but you wanted everyone to be nice to each other. Sometimes, the fights happened anyways, and you were caught in the crossfire.

When you are caught in the crossfire, this means that you are in the middle of an argument or conflict between two other people. This isn’t a very fun place to be. You can get worn out very quickly when you are caught in the crossfire. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do except wait until the fight has played out. Hopefully, everyone apologizes in the end, and no one is left with bad feelings.

Kelsey and Andy get in a small argument about coolers and floats. Watch as Dominique gets caught in the crossfire.

Dialogue 对话

Kelsey:  I wish Jordin were around. She’d love a river day.

Dominique:  She totally would. How long do you think it’ll take Andy to get out here?

Kelsey:  Way too long. I can’t believe Jordin is in Greece!

Dominique:  I know! That was, like, a last-minute decision, right? How long is she going to be out there for?

Kelsey:  I think two weeks! I think she was still worn out from being caught in the crossfire between Andy and Sheila. She’s been really busy, so I don’t think she’s had any time for herself.

Dominique:  I can’t believe that played out the way it did. I wish I could leave for two weeks!

Kelsey:  Maybe, Jordin will fall in love with Greece and move there.

Dominique:  That’d be sad!

Kelsey:  Yeah, but then we’d have a place to stay in Greece!

Dominique:  Andy. Where are you?!

Andy_H:  OK… So, when you say cooler, do you mean, like, big cooler, or mid-size, coupe, sedan…

Dominique:  He’s asking about the size of the cooler.

Kelsey:  Tell him a big one.

Dominique:   She says a big one.

Andy_H:  OK. I was worried because I don’t know how we’d float a large cooler.

Dominique:  He’s worried about floating with the large cooler.

Kelsey:  Tell him to bring another float!

Andy_H:  Tell her I don’t have another float.

Kelsey:  Tell Andy to hurry up.

Andy_H:  Tell Kelsey I will hurry, but I want to make sure I bring the right one.

Kelsey:  Tell Andy…

Dominique:  You know what, I’m not getting caught between you guys in the crossfire, so here.

Kelsey:  Just bring a cooler you can float with.

Andy_H:  OK. I just wanted to make sure. Because in part of my dream last night, I was looking for a cooler and then I couldn’t find one…

Kelsey:  Thanks Andy, byeeeeeeeeee.

Andy_H:  I don’t even need to say… typical!

Quiz 测验

  1. Where did Jordin go?

  2. Why did Andy call Dominique?

  3. If you are worn out, you are __.

  4. Which sentence uses the second conditional?