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American English 美式英语

English Lesson 英语课程

Mar 12 2018


Intro 简介

Honk, honk! Hey, you, I’m walking here! Sound familiar? Ah yes, the beautiful sounds of a big city! Rush hour traffic, hostility and pent up emotions, population density, pollution, and more. Some very popular examples of big cities in the United States are: Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Big cities are popular because they have more opportunities, events, arts and culture, and more. People usually move to a big city to try and live a better life or pursue a career. But, it can be very lonely because people are very busy. You can start to feel alienated—which is the feeling of loneliness and being isolated from people.

Andy is starting to feel alienated in the big city. Listen as Dominique comforts him in today’s English lesson.

Dialogue 对话

Andy_H:  Have you been in traffic lately? I feel like it’s just like… there’s not rush hour anymore, it’s, like, rush… noon to 7 PM. It’s ridiculous! I don’t know if I can do this big city living anymore!

Dominique:  Really?

Andy_H:  I mean, it’s just alienating! I feel like I’m pent up. Whenever I want to go somewhere, it’s stop and go traffic. I mean, unless you’re a very independent person, you will feel alone in a big city! And I am feeling alone.

Dominique:  That kind of hurts my feelings because I’m your friend and you’re telling me to my face that you feel alone. I mean, gosh!

Andy_H:  Yeah, but I haven’t seen you in two months! So, what’s up?

Dominique:  I seen you yesterday.

Andy_H:  Yeah, but that was like, I saw you on the street. It was different.

Dominique:  Oh my gosh, Andy!

Andy_H:  I’m sorry… I think it’s just all this hostility from the population density. You know, I’m from a pretty small town in Ohio, and I’m just not used to all the hustle and bustle.

Dominique:  I think you have a small town mentality.

Andy_H:  I think you’re right. I did grow up in a one-horse town.

Dominique:  I think you need to just break free!

Quiz 测验

  1. Which of the following is false?

  2. Andy thinks there’s hostility from all the __.

  3. When someone is able to fulfill their needs, they are __.

  4. I won’t go to NYC __ you come with me!