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dip one’s feet in the water
Feb 08 2018

dip one’s feet in the water

Quote 引用

“He’s slowly dipping his feet in the water a little bit. He’s testing it out to see what it’s about, and what it means, and if it feels right for him. He’s 16 and figuring out his world.”

—Actor James Marsden, speaking about his son’s first fashion show in Milan, Italy (People)

Definition 定义

test something out; sample something without committing to it

Use 运用

Sometimes, we need to test a thing before we know if we want it. This is true for objects, but it’s also true for experiences and activities. Do you like skydiving? How can you know unless you try it? Maybe, you only need to try it once to know that skydiving is not for you. But at least you dipped your feet in the water and had a real experience. Now, you know that you don’t like skydiving.

When a person dips their feet in the water, they try something for the first time. Maybe, they only try a little of this thing. Dipping one’s feet in the water is a good way to understand if you want more of something. James Marsden is a famous actor. In the past, he was also a model. Now, his sixteen-year-old son, Jack, is modeling, too. In fact, Jack just had his first big show in Milan, Italy. Jack may or may not continue to model, but right now, he’s just testing out the idea of modeling.

When did you dip your feet in the water? Do you usually test things before committing to them?

Example 举例

“You could just dip your feet in the water and try ballroom dancing once.”

“When she went on a date with Steve, I think she was just dipping her feet in the water.”

“You need to dip your feet in the water before you decide to work in Hollywood forever.”