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easy on the eyes
Mar 08 2018

easy on the eyes

Quote 引用

“Chadwick, he’s easy on the eye, wouldn’t you say?”

—Actor Lupita Nyong’o, speaking about how handsome her costar Chadwick Boseman is (E! News)

Definition 定义

beautiful; handsome; good-looking

Use 运用

What attracts you to a person? Is it their mind, their attitude, their ability to dance or play sports? Or is it how they look? Of course, true attraction usually has all of these things. But when you first meet a person, you usually notice their looks and their style. If you think this person is beautiful or handsome, you might want to spend more time with them. It’s easy to be attracted to people who are easy on the eyes.

A person who is easy on the eyes is easy to watch because they are beautiful. Models, actors, and other performers are often easy on the eyes. People like their talent, but they also like their looks. Lupita Nyong’o and Chadwick Boseman star in the new movie Black Panther. It was easy for Lupita to pretend to be Chadwick’s girlfriend in this movie because he is both kind and handsome.

Who do you think is easy on the eyes? What makes this person beautiful?

Example 举例

“All the guys like her because she’s easy on the eyes.”

“Maybe, he’d get more dates if he were easier on the eyes.”

“Kathy may be easy on the eyes, but she isn’t very smart.”